A message from Nigel Gallagher

People Before Profit election candidate for 2016. 

As a 28 year old from Maugherow Co. Sligo, I have seen the devastation inflicted by the economic crisis first hand. Many of my friends have been among the 200,000 16-25 year olds who had to leave Ireland to get a job. Those that stayed often had to survive on €100 or take an unpaid internship for an extra €50 on top of their dole. The hopes of many young people have been dashed by the economic crisis and by FG/Labour policies. Mental health has deteriorated, creativity has been wasted, and chances have been lost. Poverty and deprivation stand alongside massive wealth, privilege and corporate power. This is simply not acceptable to me. People Before Profit want a society for all of the people that live in this country. But to get this we need a far more radical sense of democracy, based on people power and struggles for justice. We also stand for economic equality to go with the social equality gained recently in the Yes Equality campaign. We won’t let FG and Labour boast about equality when there are so many people living in poverty. As a member of PBP I am very proud of our progressive principles and our record of activity around Sligo. 

A Vote for me is a vote for someone who believes passionately in grassroots democracy, genuine equality and hope for the future. I will lead struggles and continue to stand with people in their fight against austerity.


Elections are coming – Time for radical change 


In 2011 Fine Gael promised us a revolution at the ballot box. Enda Kenny promised to clean up politics and do things differently. Now we know what he meant 

* Cuts to One Parent Family Allowance 

* Cuts to Discretionary Medical Cards 

* Cuts to Carers Grants and Disability Allowances. 

* Property taxes, Water Charges and Universal Social Charges 

* Attacks on working conditions, wages and social services. 

Thanks to all of this Ireland is now the most unequal country in the European Union. We also have the worst child poverty increases after Greece, with one in five regularly spending their day in hunger. This is not acceptable. 

People before Profit wants to do things differently. 

We want a democratic revolution that puts the needs of people before the needs of big business. A vote for people before profit is a vote to end austerity. This can be done once we decide to tax those that have the most. Last year the richest five people in Ireland increased their fortune by over €10 billion. 

A vote for People Before Profit is also vote for a principled anti-establishment party that stands with the people. In Sligo we initiated the Right2Water campaign and stood with people against the imposition of water charges. 

A Vote for People Before Profit is a vote for genuine economic and social equality. PBP were proud to be involved in the Yes Equality campaign. We also stand for the rights for women, minorities’, travellers and asylum seekers. Equality can’t stop where FG and Labour want it too. We want to repeal the 8th amendment, increase spending on services for travellers and asylum seekers and make sure every citizen has enough economic resources to live with dignity.