By Peadar Hopkins

The world has gone mad. We have heard this as long as we can remember. Famine in a world where food is dumped into the sea to fix prices. Wars and destruction are accepted to secure oil and plunder natural resources. Racism homophobia, bigotry hatred and homelessness in  a world where there is empty houses and many who simply seek love, not to mention the destruction of the environment. It would seem that the world has lost its compassion, humanity and common sense.

This may seem normal as it is widespread but it is not “normal “how could it be? If a close friend was homeless our nature would be to feed and house them. If you had a conflict with your neighbour we would not resort to violence to resolve the issue but politicians rationalise horrific violence with wars that kill millions of innocent to resolve there conflicts. Not forgetting the displacement of these innocent families who are now in desperation risking their lives to get to the safety of Europe. Our nature is to do good it is the current system can bring the worst out in us. The media is owned a handful of rich powerful men and it has historically been them that explain to us the reasons behind the complexities of the world we live in. Their needs, wants and values are opposite and in direct conflict with the needs of the working class. They demand big profits, where we hope for a job, they celebrate excess where we only wish for the modest necessities of life, a home, job and health. They want cheap labour and poor work conditions, we want a living wages and decent work conditions. They encourage war, as the arms industry is a huge source of profit for them, ($30 billion a year would eradicate world hunger, America spent $737 billion in 2012 on  weapons and war) they then use  fear to make us hate and blame the innocent victims of their violence, today it is Muslims, in the 60's it was the Russians. There’s not a nation or race people on earth they haven’t demonised in order to justify their actions. Racism and division is a natural by-product of their agenda


They ?

Who is “they”? They are the ruling class. THEY ARE NOT A SECRET SOCIETY THEY ARE CAPATLISTS! These people own the most vital assets of any country, the water supply, oil, steel, coal and copper mines, airlines, airports, railways, road infrastructure, ports, gas, telephone, health services, internet providers and distributors. The list is vast and we refer to it as “the means of production”. This was built and paid for with the taxes of our grandparents and was owned by the nation for the people (nationalised). For the last 30 years the Dennis O’Brien’s, Donald trumps and Richard Branson’s of the world have  slowly taken ownership of these means of production (privatisation) creating a world where it seems normal to us that these things are there for profit and not people’s needs. This system is what needs s to be challenged; they hold the real power not our governments, who merely manage the needs of theses capitalists, not society’s needs.


How ?

We need to encourage and give confidence to the working class (not call each other sheep). It is the working class who are victims and the only ones who can take back the world from these sociopaths, not any political party, us included. Remember the rich are utterly dependent on us we create there real wealth every day we go to work. If the working class had ownership of its resources and assets this would be a form of extreme democracy, not the sham democracy we have now. This action has to come from the working class themselves, just like a councillor would guide you to make positive changes yourself and not to expect change to come from others, the same applies when conceding to a powerbase like a political party or a religious institution it just does not work for society, they seek to change the world with vacuous words and not action. This would be a real revolutionary way of thinking, that private property does not trump human need. People Before Profit and the Socialist Workers Party have never sold out the working class or adjust our values just to gain populist votes. We seek to empower community’s not to seek power. While the powerful may seem indestructible, history has shown us people power has time and time again proven to be the only tool that serves the people’s needs. Join People Before Profit today.