Carbon tax, Well what else will we do? By PBP Sligo member Seamus O'Shea

Carbon tax? Well what else will we do? Actually there's quite a bit we could do. We can introduce and progress legislation to keep carbon in the ground.

We can introduce and progress legislation to tackle unnecessary packaging across the board, similar to how cigarette packaging was managed but with environmental rather than public health goals at the heart of it.

We can first of all, tax corporations at the flat, incredibly low rate of 12.5% they are meant to be taxed at but many don't pay.

We could secondly introduce legislation to gradually add a few percent extra tax onto companies who engage in environmentally damaging practices and possibly provide small tax breaks for companies who engage in practices which are environmentally beneficial/minimise environmental impact.

We could use that tax revenue and perhaps the local property tax to re-establish public waste disposal infrastructure and services. We could use it to expand public transport and retrofit our city centres to be more pedestrian/cyclist and public transport oriented.

We could use that tax to possibly even build state companies selling basic goods with the specific aim of being sustainable, affordable and fair to workers to provide a base line level of sustainability and affordability for the rest of the market to attempt to match. This would also go some way towards solving the poverty problem that also gets implicated in this carbon tax issue so often, and rightly so.

There are many options, our politicians just aren't very imaginative because they don't want to upset the private market at any cost, including the destruction of the only place in the known universe that we can survive.

It's not acceptable to put the burden onto the working class when much of the cause of pollution are corporations, governments and the VERY hungry free market which requires infinite growth on our finite planet.